Neither excessive risks nor inadequate returns are options for any institution, yet they’re both fair game in a volatile marketplace. For decades we’ve helped clients maintain consistently lower risks and higher gains though several market disruptions have occurred over those years. We’ve achieved this through:

  • Understanding our clients’ unique needs
  • Expertise in banking and fixed income
  • Expertise in tax-exempt and taxable securities
  • Competent, unbiased advice
  • In-house credit research
  • A team approach
  • Attractive benefits versus costs

Record low interest rates and steep yield curves are tempting investors, but the timing may jeopardize decisions. The complexities are compounded as the regulatory environment is always changing and challenging, particularly if you rely on credit ratings by the rating agencies.

We approach this market with a straightforward management philosophy, accepting risks we can manage in a portfolio context to minimize possible negative outcomes and maximize benefits. Clients should be rewarded for taking on risks related to their cash flow and reinvestment opportunities - without exposure to significant risks of principal loss. In the end, our research, innovative systems, customized planning and personal experience drives successful investment management for our long-standing institutional clients.