Custom Investment Management for Financial Institutions

Unbiased expert advice at a reasonable cost

Investment portfolio management has always been a complex discipline, even more-so today with the changing regulatory environment and the challenges with record low interest rates, credit risk, prepayment risk and liquidity. Despite the fluctuating financial scenarios of the past decades, we’ve maintained a steady and profitable course for our clients. It’s the result of in-depth research, using complex analytic systems and insights only seasoned professionals can provide.

Attractive benefits versus cost. According to research, the yield differential between top and bottom quartile portfolios is significant – 241 basis points in Q4, 2011. Studies also reveal a strong correlation  between portfolio composition and performance. Is your current portfolio management process delivering all the benefits it can?

Customized programs – your business demands more than a template. Every financial institution is a different business model with its own unique needs and opportunities. We analyze your business from an independent perspective; develop an original, custom strategy; and create a plan that’s best suited to your unique risk profile. By tailoring our efforts specifically to each client’s business, we achieve far greater results than any one-size-fits-all process.

Uniquely qualified for your institutional investment management. We combine our expertise in managing fixed income portfolios with knowledge of asset-liability risk measures specific to your organization.

Relative Value Philosophy. Sectors fluctuate constantly over time, from low to high values. We monitor numerous sectors and constantly research their activity and trends. Our resultant recommendations are based on sound principles, solid research and in-depth personal experience.

Focus on Asset-Liability Management (ALM). Our process incorporates our client’s unique ALM profile to better manage the risk in the entire organization.

Human Capital Leverage. By functioning as an external investment department, we provide competent, unbiased advice to the company’s decision makers.

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