Employee Benefits & Risk Consulting

Benefits go beyond their monetary value

Employee benefits are one of the most cost-effective ways to attract and maintain the best talent. They send a signal that the company is dedicated to their long term well being. However, rising health care costs combined with the financial rules, regulations and changing dynamics can overwhelm today’s employers.

Our benefits and risk consulting services compliment each client’s internal department with consultation when and where you need it most. We work with you to interpret critical financial items and issues and to meet each client’s ambitious business goals with controlled risks.

Exclusive Employee Benefits Capabilities. ACG enhances its clients’ financial benefits program with our specialized expertise, national network of consultants and strategic vendor alliances. Our Value Benefit Designs continuously keep pace with the latest developments to meet the employees’ growing and evolving needs.

Exclusive risk consulting capabilities. ACG’s risk consulting offers Property and Casualty Services to most effectively manage each client’s business risk. We have strong strategic alliances that bolster our capabilities with specialized programs tailored to specific industries. These are exclusive financial risk consulting programs whose benefits cannot be replicated in the open commercial marketplace.

Constantly keeping clients informed. We keep our clients’ benefits program constantly competitive with on-going innovative financial solutions and cost controls. You’re always informed of:

  • Marketplace trends
  • New product developments
  • Legislative alerts
  • Risk financing alternatives

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