Fee Disclosures

In the execution of its investment advisory services ACG does not accept any form of compensation from either the investment providers, recordkeepers or any other financial institution that it partners with in the delivery of its services.  ACG is compensated strictly on a fee-based method for all investment advisory services it provides for institutional retirement plans, bank or insurance investments accounts, foundations or endowments, and individual wealth management clients.  The associated fee is fully disclosed in the ACG service agreement that each client signs prior to our engagement.

ACG-BRC may be compensated for its work through consulting fees, commissions and contingents. All are fully disclosed. 

Consulting fees are hard-dollar costs that may be billable directly to the client or paid through the carrier.  Commissions are expenses built into the premium charged by certain insurance carriers.  Commission agreements between insurance agencies and carriers vary which means that different agencies may earn a different rate of commissions than others. Contingents are sometimes referred to as “overages” or “profit sharing.”  In general, the idea is that if an agency can contribute to the reduction in loss-experience, as measured across its entire book of business with a particular carrier, then the carrier may choose to reward it monetarily.  Contingents do not affect the plan’s pricing.  If authorized to do so by the client, ACG-BRC will accept contingents.