Fixed Income Management

Customized portfolios maximize client-specific benefits

ACG fixed income portfolio solutions benefit from in-depth market information and a perspective that’s crucial to delivering strong risk-adjusted returns. We merge this insightful “solutions-based” management approach with a disciplined process to quantify client needs and preferences.

Customized solutions to meet each client’s unique fixed income needs

The efficiency of the return relative to the risk taken is the true measure of success. The amount of risk a client should accept varies by entity and the unique circumstances and influences specific to their situation. ACG works closely with clients in a consultative capacity to best define the risks that are truly worth accepting – balanced with the most optimal return potential. 

Value added fixed income management benefits

  • Asset/liability management
  • Liquidity management
  • Professional strategy
  • Actively monitored and managed credit risk
  • Diversification (credit, security, maturity, sector and structure)
  • Tax efficiency
  • Low cost structure
  • Competitive procurement

Custom fixed income portfolio management solutions

Our seasoned fixed income financial analysts and portfolio managers have in-depth expertise in a variety of fixed income sectors, having navigated numerous market cycles. They recognize and act to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. Our professionals also have the added insights and perspective of our market surveillance and proprietary information and analysis. Every trading day they work to avoid pitfalls and seize market opportunities.

These resources and capabilities are applied to a non-comingled asset portfolio, tailored to the specific needs of our individual and institutional clients.

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