In our decades of diversified financial management we’ve successfully navigated our clients through a number of market disruptions. We know that what could look like a high yield opportunity at the moment can ultimately become a poorly timed mistake. Our balanced portfolio management has consistently minimized risk while maximizing income.

Studies have documented the similarities of top performing portfolios as measured by book yield. Our approach is to structure  our client’s portfolio to mimic those successful characteristics whenever possible.

The table shows nearly 250 basis points greater yield generated by a top quartile portfolio when compared to a bottom quartile portfolio. That means a $100 million top performer generates $2.5 million more investment income than a bottom quartile performer. There is also an 80 basis point change in book yield between quartiles.

Our exclusive process is augmented by our proprietary systems that analyze the numerous variations of fixed income securities.

Our personal experience is unmatched in managing fixed income portfolios for insurers and other financial institutions. In fact, our entire staff is senior level so you’ll always deal directly with a knowledgeable veteran.