Custom Investment Management for Insurance Companies

Knowledge, research and diligence are premium assets

Insurance is inherently a risk-driven business, even more so with the additional asset management risks embedded in interest rates, credit spreads, liquidity and prepayments. The dramatic changes in the regulatory environment also increase the possibility for errors and losses. Advanced Capital Group has a unique combination of both institutional investment and insurance expertise to consider all risks, trends and opportunities, generating more reliable and successful outcomes.

Customized programs maximize results. Every insurance company operates under different business models and circumstances, and cannot achieve the best results with a pre-conceived asset management template. ACG applies its combined expertise in the business of insurance and fixed income management for each client’s unique business to create an optimal individualized program.

Relative Value Philosophy. Greater yields generally involve greater risks. We want our clients to be rewarded for taking some kinds of risk based on both the timing of their cash flows and reinvestment opportunities - but without exposure to significant loss of principal. We constantly monitor sectors and their risk characteristics, and make balanced portfolio recommendations based on our research, performance models and personal experience. This Relative Value approach results in highly predictable managed gains and minimizes negative surprises.

Asset-Liability Management (ALM) focus. We can help reduce volatility in key balance sheet items as well as earnings. We perform a thorough analysis of current liability positions, supplemented by upfront research, benchmarking versus peers and an in-depth and on-going dialog with key decision makers.

Human capital leverage. Consider us an external investment department, without the costs and added responsibilities of an internal division. We provide unbiased, third party advice to the key decision makers in the company. We aren’t afraid to provide alternative thinking.

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