The New Reality 

The reality of offering an employer sponsored retirement plan has changed.  Plan sponsors face tough new challenges.

  • Transformation of the regulatory environment
  • High anxiety in the workforce
  • Increased Department of Labor audit activity
  • Escalation of retirement plan litigation
  • Altered and confusing pricing and service provider economics
  • Dramatic increase in benefit costs
  • Reduction in support delivered by retirement plan service providers

Going it alone is a tough option for a plan sponsor.  It’s easy to pay too much, consume valuable resources or incur unnecessary risk.

How We Can Help 

Since 1998, we have been helping plan sponsors save money, improve plan performance and reduce risk.

We are independent and acknowledge in writing that we are a Fiduciary for your retirement plan.

By outsourcing retirement plan governance, oversight and education to us, plan sponsors get the experience and resources of a nationally recognized investment advisory firm.*

 * Named a Top 60 Consultant by Plan Sponsor® in 2011.

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