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We work with you to identify areas of improvement and missed opportunities so you can build on and enhance your position as a trusted advisor with the plan sponsor.


Develop Stronger Client Relationships

Utilize us as your strategic partner to help expand and strengthen your practice by providing a higher level of customization and stability to your clients’ defined benefit plans. Our world is evolving faster than ever before. At Advanced Capital Group, we believe that change results in clients valuing advisory relationships where trust and expertise are clearly evident. This is where ACG excels with the creation of predictable pension outcomes.


Long corporate history
  • ACG has been a fixture within the retirement consulting business for over 20 years
  • 12th largest retirement plan advisory team in 2019 by National Association of Plan Advisors
  • Maintain over $22 billion in advised assets
Tailored service model
  • Our value stems from our in-depth understanding of each client’s plan goals and corporate philosophy
  • ACG customization complements client specific risks, operating considerations and return requirements
Custom investment approach
  • ACG’s hedging approach does not incorporate off-the-shelf products which enhances the effects of our asset/liability immunization




A customized ALIS strategy allows defined benefit plan sponsors to stabilize their plan's funding ratio and have more predictable funding in a cost-effective manner.

  • Tailored Approach - ACG’s collaborative approach seeks to understand each client’s specific risks, operating considerations and return requirements.
  • More Cost-Effective - Pension assets invested in common pooled vehicles are often more costly than ACG’s tailored immunization strategy and less effective.
  • Superior Results - Changing markets can increase the differences between pension assets and liabilities.  ACG’s hedging approach can align assets with liabilities to limit the tracking error.

Put our vision to work for you.

Collaboration is a core value for our team and for our work with clients. To build a customized relationship, we need to understand your situation, priorities and goals. Submit an online request for proposal (RFP) to learn how we can help you succeed.


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