Fixed Income Asset Management

Ensuring the financial success of your organization is no small
task. However, with innovative, proprietary processes and a
seasoned staff of professionals, we are uniquely equipped
for this task—whether you seek fixed-income portfolio
management or cash management.


Corporations, pension plans, insurance companies, banks, endowments, and public entities looking to preserve and grow investment assets need a customized approach to best manage their investment assets. Advanced Capital Group services can help your organization with:

  • Custom Fixed-Income Portfolio Management—traditional asset allocation featuring taxable securities, municipal bonds and more
  • Liquidity / Cash Management—short-term, fixed-income solutions to meet liquidity needs
  • Strategic Asset Class Integration—diversify portfolio risk while seamlessly employing a variety of asset classes




A customized ALIS strategy allows defined benefit plan sponsors to stabilize their plan's funding ratio and have more predictable funding in a cost-effective manner.

  • Tailored Approach - ACG’s collaborative approach seeks to understand each client’s specific risks, operating considerations and return requirements.
  • More Cost-Effective - Pension assets invested in common pooled vehicles are often more costly than ACG’s tailored immunization strategy and less effective.
  • Superior Results - Changing markets can increase the differences between pension assets and liabilities.  ACG’s hedging approach can align assets with liabilities to limit the tracking error.


What you can expect

If you hire us to manage the investing of your institution's assets, you'll gain efficiency and unbiased expertise. When we collaborate on Institutional Investment Management, expect:

  • We will get to know your organization, formulate custom strategies to optimize returns and ensure you have ample liquidity 
  • You will receive best-in-class analytics and reporting to quantify risks and opportunities
  • To benefit from our proprietary methodology for internal credit analysis and rating system
  • To work with our team that’s been through numerous market cycles
  • Best execution as a fiduciary and no inventory of securities to motivate recommendations


Put our vision to work for you.

Collaboration is a core value for our team and for our work with clients. To build a customized relationship, we need to understand your situation, priorities and goals. Submit an online request for proposal (RFP) to learn how we can help you succeed.


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